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Dallas Auto Winching | Off Road Recovery in Dallas TX

Maverick provides Dallas Auto Winching and off road recovery in Dallas, TX. If your car or truck is stuck in the mud or a ditch we can pull it out. Our vehicle recovery is the best.

Automotive Winching in Dallas TX

If your car is stuck in a ditch our tow truck drivers can pull it out. We have been winching automobiles and providing recovery for over 10 years.

Whether you slid off the road into slippery grass, or are stuck in the mud, we have the proper tools and equipment to get the job done. Give us a call anytime 24 hours a day to schedule a recovery.

Driving in the rain and ice can be hazardous sometimes and lead to accidents where your vehicle ends up off the road or in a ditch. Even areas where there is loose dirt and gravel, or slippery grass can lead to situations where the vehicle looses traction and gets stuck. Mavericks off road recovery services can winch your car free or out of the ditch and other sticky circumstances.

There are also other factors which can lead to loss of control while driving like dirty windshields and rear glass. In the winter time it can be even worse with things like the glass fogging up when the heater is turned on. Even things like just breathing in the car with the windows up can fog up the glass which impairs visibility.

In the winter time one thing you can do is put a couple 25lb bags of cat litter in the trunk. The added weight will help provide more traction and give your car better control. If you do get stuck in some slippery ice one of the bags can be opened and applied under the tires to help you get free. Tire chains are also nice to have when there is ice and snow on the ground in the winter time.

Pets and small children also contribute to dirty windows, windshields, and rear glass. Keep clean with Windex and paper towels at least once every couple of weeks. There are also products which help with water buildup on the windshield that can help increase visibility and reduce the chances of an accident or sliding off the road.

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