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Dallas Accident Towing | Collision Tow Truck Dallas TX

Dallas Accident Towing by Maverick provides a 24/7 collision tow truck in Dallas, TX.

Collision Tow Truck in Dallas TX

We will make sure you get home safely and deliver your car to a reputable automotive shop or anywhere you want it to go.

Having an accident or automotive collision is a major inconvenience that no one looks forward too. The first thing you should do is check to see if everyone is alright. If there are any serious injuries call 911 and help soon as possible. Once that is done you may want to exchange information as far as insurance and drivers license info.

Sometimes the car is able to drive home, and other times it is absolutely not safe to do so. If your vehicle was hit in the front you need to check the front bumper and other body parts to see if they are about to fall off, or loose enough to come apart while driving. Inspect the headlights if it is dark, or if it will be dark before you can get where you are going.

Look inside the engine area for any leaks or cut wires. If the car was hit in the front corner near the wheel check the tires and brake lines. If the car was hit in the rear look around the rear bumper and tail lights for broken parts. Look closely around the gas tank for any gas leaks or punctured fuel lines. The last thing you need is another accident while trying to drive home.

You just never know what might be affected by the accident so it is recommended to look everything over carefully. If you see any problems then call for our collision towing service and our dispatchers can have a qualified tow truck driver come load the car and get you home safely.

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